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EUR: 25.80
USD: 23.29


Distance: Prague-Konopiste Castle: 51 km Duration: :45min. Recommended time trip:4 hrs.

PRICE LIST-transportation by minibus between Prague and Konopiste Castle.

TOUR : hour waiting-time RATE:17 eur(+parking).You pay only the waiting time, way back is free.

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persons 1–3pers. 4–8pers. 9–12pers. 13–16pers.
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PRICE LIST-private transport by bus between Konopiste Castle and Prague.

TOUR : hour waiting-time RATE:40 eur(+parking).You pay only the waiting time, way back is free.

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persons 17–23pers. 24–27pers. 28–35pers. 36–50pers.
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For transfers with destination Prague we require 50% paid in advance as a guarantee. ( Paypal, bank transfer).

KONOPISTE is located about 51 km from Prague. It was founded in the 14th century and was renovated in 1887 successor to the Habsburg throne, Franz Ferdinand d'Este, who was assassinated in 1914 in Sarajevo, which launched the First World War. Castle was famous for its stunning collections of weapons and hunting trophies.