Exch. rate CZK
EUR: 25.80
USD: 23.29


Distance: Prague-Terezin: 67 km Duration: : 1hour. Recommended time trip:4 hrs .

PRICE LIST-transportation by car-minibus between Prague and Terezin.

TOUR : hour waiting-time RATE:17 eur(+parking).You pay only the waiting time, way back is free.

vehicle car minivan minibus microbus
persons 1–3pers. 4–8pers. 9–12pers. 13–16pers.
price-euro 59 eur 70 eur 129 eur 140 eur
booking transfer Prague-Terezin Prague-Terezin Prague-Terezin Prague-Terezin
booking transfer Terezin-Prague Terezin-Prague Terezin-Prague Terezin-Prague
PRICE LIST-private transfer by bus between Terezin and Prague.

TOUR : hour waiting-time RATE:40 eur(+parking).You pay only the waiting time, way back is free.

vehicle bus 23 bus 27 bus 35 bus 50
persons 17–23pers. 24–27pers. 28–35pers. 36–50pers.
calculate price Prague-Terezin Prague-Terezin Prague-Terezin Prague-Terezin
calculate price Terezin-Prague Terezin-Prague Terezin-Prague Terezin-Prague

Terezin fortress-tragic chapter of European history

Please accept our invitation and come with us on trips to places where Nazi occupation during the Second World War led to a tragic chapter in history, not just one city, but also the catastrophic fate of many thousands of innocent victims. Our guide you through the entire complex of the former concentration camp with narration including authentic personal memories, chilling experiences and episodes from Terezin's grim history.

TEREZIN-(Theresienstadt) is a small fort town located in the District of, Usti region, about 3 km southeast of Litoměřice Ohře the river near its confluence with the Elbe. The city lies on both sides of the river, which is divided into small and large fort Terezín Terezín also passes through the former E Interstate 55 on the route Prague – Dresden (now Highway 608). Terezin is also part of the three neighboring villages: Czech Frick, Frick and New Počaply.